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We are the Bit Barons, an independent game development studio from Munich, Germany. Our team consists of - ordered left to right - Sebastian Dorda (Code), Alexander Zacherl (Game Design), Sergej Klementinovski (Code), Alexander Widl (Art) and Michael Weigl (Art Intern).



We are currently working on our second - still unannounced - game. Before that we made Astroslugs, a colorful and soothing puzzle game for iPad, iPhone, Windows and Mac. Learn more about the game on astroslugs.com.


on 30.06.2011
This blog has been silent for too long. For those who didn't follow Twitter & Facebook: We've just released Astroslugs for iPad, the totally re-designed and absolutely touchable game for your favorite tablet.
on 27.01.2011
 astroslugs   buy   launch   now   online   release 
The wait is over. You can now buy Astroslugs for PC and Mac on our web store. It's 9.99 EUR / 13.99 USD / 8.99 GBP.
on 06.12.2010
 audio   composers   cover   filippo   game   music   remix   vgm   video 
Astroslugs & Friends Cover
Cant wait to play Astroslugs on your PC? We've got something for you to make waiting easier. The first release of our music label "Bit Barons & Friends" is out now, and it's great. Read on to hear the story of the Astroslugs remix album and get your free copy.
on 15.11.2010
 astroslugs   beta   launch   mac   pc   release   retail   screenshots 
We're finally announcing the release date for Astroslugs on PC/Mac and the retail version of the game for German-speaking countries. There's also a new (probably the last) beta version and a new set of screen shots.
on 18.10.2010
 ba   financing   frankfurt   game   gameplaces   indie   vc 
GamePlaces International Frankfurt Logo
We've been at gameplaces international, a conference with a focus on game financing. Back at home, we'd like to discuss why there's a need for more investors who know how games are being made and sold. Spoiler: We love the indie fund!
on 15.08.2010
 astroslugs   award   ega   european   games   gamesload   newcomer 
Astroslugs just won the Gamesload Newcomer Award at the European Games Award. We're thrilled and we've got pictures for you!
on 13.08.2010
 astroslugs   award   cologne   competition   ega 
We’ve submitted Astroslugs to the Gamesload European Newcomer Award which is a category in the European Games Award. In preparation for tomorrow’s show, we’ve put together a list of the other cool games that have been nominated in the same category.
on 16.07.2010
Contacts for Indies is a invitation-only contact list for independent game developers. It has contacts for media, portals, platform holders and publishers on it. Read on for more details and why you should join.
on 29.06.2010
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Well it is, if you’re just one guy with a lot of time on his hands. But if you’re trying to develop a cool game and set up a solid development studio, then lots of time is something that you probably haven’t had in a while.